Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Job Changes

Mu current project that I was in for 6.5 years ended on 16th June 2017. I had a happy hour and couple of lunches with friends and then back at home. Market was really really down and I barely got any interview calls. I rested at home doing my 9 round and spending time with family and playing VB. In July a friend asked if I wanted to take part in a dance for the India fest programme. I readily said yes as I had nothing much going on. Practices started, everyday from 6-7am..We had a audition on the 15th July. 1 week prior to that the dance choreographer got an ankle sprain, she was telling she will dance directly on audition. On the day of the audition 1 another girls daughter got sick and she could not make it.
We 5 went and gave the performance and also told the judges abt the 1 participant not coming, they were okay with it.
Then we had our dress rehersal on 5th Aug.1 week later I sprained my ankle very bad while playing VB. The pain and swelling was very bad. I skipped practice for some day but tried to make it 3-4 days before the dress rehersal. Finally on 5th we all gave the dress rehearsal together. On 6th Aug was our Sand Volleyball tournament, we lost in the Finals, the guys won though...
On Aug 19th was our grand performance I already put the pics up in a previous post.

Then a week later I got this job interview for a project in Omaha, NE.It was supposed to be a project initially at client's place and then WFH for which I agreed. I got the job but later it looked like they wanted the candidate to be Local.
I was almost going to say NO and then changed my mind and took it up for  a 6 month commitment.
I moved to Omaha, NE on 5th Sept for job purposes and travelling every week to MN.
Will write a separate post about my time in Omaha.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer _May 2017

  • Had family come from India on May 10th. Mom, Dad, Chechi and Paarth. Went to the airport at 10 am and picked them and got them home. Luckily they did not have any jet lag, spend time eating chakaada, lots of sweets and seeing all the nice dresses from India
  • Ritiha got attached to my sister and wanted to stick by her and play with her all the time. The two brothers were competing, fighting all the time, playing video games. We all together played a lot of UNO.
  • Took them to just nearby places and I did not stress too much on taking them out. Went to Costco, soccer matches and just generally around.
  • We did go to Lake Calhoun one evening , had ice-cream, clicked a lot of pictures and returned.
  • We also went to Willow river Falls and had a gr8 time getting wet in the waterfall.
  • Since we took farmland a lot of time in the evenings went in putting water and getting farm work done

Happy Birthday my darling Dindu

July 9th , you turned 3 years old and let me tell you my love, you are my most precious one.
At this age you are such a delight to be with. You are talking non-stop and I am amazed by your vocabulary and some of the words and constructive sentences that you use.
Also your amazing manners to say Please and Thank-you.
In fact when we went to Fedex Store 2 days back the lady at the counter complimented me on your good behavior.
You are such a great helper, helping at home an also in the farm.
Nowadays you want to play with your friends all the time and it is easy for us to leave you down stairs. You are also very good at making friends.

Some pics from your bday party.
Love you lots

Friday, May 05, 2017

Happy Birthday to me

Yess, Its my birthday today and what did I do. Well for starters I wanted to buy a dress but no time :(
Thankfully got a new kurta from India so I adorned that and accessorized it with some earrings and bangles (from India) . Got wishes and kisses form hubby in the morning. WhatsApp messages from school friends and other dear friends, facebook . Got a cutest

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sweetlings - Week 3

As mentioned last time I had skipped the week-end as we were having our Volleyball Tournament this time by MMA(Minnesota Malayalee Association). We WON!!!(more details and pics later)

On sunday we had our Apt frinds gathering for a potluck and the dessert was Ice-cream(it has been long since I had icecream so gorged on it).

Mon: 27th: There was a potluck at office and there was a huge variety of desserts. I had Mango  pudding/gulab jamun/cake/jalebi, evening I had tea too

Tue: 28th: Today being ugadi one of my frinds got gulab jamun at work and I had two, so that means today would not be counted either.
Lets see how the remaining days go.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Sweetlings - Week 2

So you remember the No Sugar Challenge that I had undertaken, well for my own sanity I decided to omit Week-ends, we had two birthday parties over the week-end and it is difficult for me to tell No to a piece of cake.

Weekdays are easier for the challenge. So continuing on to this week, again committed to the same.

Mar20: No tea/no sugar routine followed.

Mar21: I was at home and after having a bread omelette, wanted to have a tea, so had one small cuppa :(

Mar22: Uneventful, though I did order a burger from cafeteria but omitted the fries

Mar 23: We ordered lunch from out and since the restaurant goofed up our order they gave a yummylicious coconut cake. God! it was irressistable. I had to devour it and since the day was not counted anyway  and it was a rainy day , I came home to a hot cuppa tea.

Mar24: Uneventful.

I am not sure if this is helping in anyway but atleast Weekdays I am making an effort to minimize my sugar intent.